Unhappy marriage not grounds for divorce

A woman who was seeking a divorce after a 40 year marriage has lost her case. Supreme court judges “reluctantly” told Tini Owens that she must remain married because a joyless marriage is not adequate grounds for a divorce if one spouse refuses to agree. Five judges unanimously upheld rulings by a family court and

Landlord fined £8,000 for 16 offences

A landlord has been fined over £8,000 for a total of 16 offences under the Housing Act, according to Hastings Borough Council. Thomas Wallace pleaded guilty to non-compliance with a statutory improvement notice at his property and was fined £2,667. Wallace was further required to pay £432 costs and £170 victim surcharge. Mr Wallace was

Employee admits benefits fraud

A man has admitted to using a false National Insurance number to illegally claim £93,000 in benefits while working. Michel Biza, 50, began claiming benefits legitimately when he was seriously ill. However, when he recovered and started work, he gave his employers the fake NI number and continued to claim the benefits under the genuine