Transfer of equity explained

Transfer of equity is the process of changing the legal ownership of a property. In this instance “equity” is a legal term meaning the rights of financial ownership rather than the plain English meaning which is used to describe the net property value.

There are different reasons why you may want to transfer equity:

  • To add or remove your spouse or partner
  • Long-term tax planning purposes
  • A court has ordered the equity of the property to be transferred.
  • A new trust has been formed.
  • To add other family members
  • You wish to gift a property to someone else.

What are the key stages of a transfer of equity?

  • Reviewing the title deeds. We will check a copy of your property deeds from the Land Registry as preparing for the equity transfer.
  • Prepare the transfer deed documents
  • Meet with the parties. Once your transfer deed is ready, you’ll meet with our team to sign the document which will be witnessed.
  • We will notify any mortgage or secured lenders, banks or building societies. If any of these parties are involved, they must give their written consent.
  • Register the deed transfer at the Land Registry. At this point, we will ask you for a fee which ranges from £50 to £920 (inclusive of VAT) depending on the property’s value.

Estimated time frame

The average time for a conveyancing transaction is between 4- 6 weeks. However, this is an average only. Completion can often take place earlier or later than the average time frame specified. This is dependent on the unique circumstances of each case. Therefore, on contacting us, a better estimation will be provided after knowing about the exact facts of your case.


The Legal Fee would be a minimum fee of £450.00 +vat at 20%; in addition to the Legal Fee there will be a Land Registry Fee at the appropriate rate.

For further information on the costs on an any unusual Transfer of Equity, please contact us.

We operate on a fixed fee basis and we’ll be able to provide you a detailed and transparent quote for your case


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