‘Divorce boom’ forecast

Citizens Advice has warned that the coronavirus is creating an “enormous strain” on relationships. Citizens Advice said divorce guidance searches had increased since April after a drop in visits when lockdown started. Citizens Advice said views on its divorce webpage on the first September weekend had risen by 25% in comparison to the same date

Family case came before 15 judges

The Court of Appeal has revealed a family case involving allegations of controlling and coercive behaviour came before at least 15 judges. According to the Law Gazette, in R v P (Children: Similar Fact Evidence), the court set aside a case management decision to exclude evidence in family proceedings ahead of a fact-finding hearing. The Law

Rise in UK net migration

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed Net migration in the UK was around 313,000 in the year to March. This figure is up on 221,000 from the previous year. This increase has been driven by higher numbers in non-EU nationals arriving in the UK to study. The latest numbers from the ONS show net

Wills to be witnessed remotely

The Ministry of Justice revealed that a temporary statutory instrument will be laid in September allowing wills to be witnessed remotely in England and Wales. The Law Gazette reported that the statutory instrument will significantly alter the Wills Act 1837, which previously required two witnesses to be in the physical presence of the testator. The