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We understand and appreciate that potentially losing your license can be emotionally draining and physically time consuming. Therefore, we like to be as transparent as possible with our clients in attempts to resolve your issue. We will always aim to support you in the best way possible and resolve your case with the best possible outcome whether that is paying a fine or receiving a ban.

The police are increasingly using proactive forms of training such as the speed awareness courses, or the driver improvement courses. Our motoring lawyers will help you explore all the options available in your case. We will do our utmost best to help you retain your driving licence.We can represent you at court and/or make written representations on your behalf. We recommend you contact us immediately, as any delays could mean an increased penalty, or you could lose the opportunity to appeal.

Our highly qualified team has excellent relationships with medical practitioners and other experts who, where appropriate, may be able to help us establish a defence in law to many motoring offences.

In most cases, you have the right to appeal a conviction made by UK courts. Whether you believe that you received poor quality legal representation during the first case, you represented yourself, or there was a genuine reason that you were unaware of the hearing in the first place, it may be possible to have your conviction overturned or the case re-opened.

Current laws dictate that if you amass 12 penalty points on your licence over a period of three years, then you should be subjected to an automatic disqualification. This disqualification can last for a period of six months up to several years, depending on whether you have been disqualified before and, if so, how long ago it occurred.

In respect of costs, we will always seek to be completely transparent on our fees and wherever possible, will look to advise you on any available solutions which can minimise your legal costs.

Services we provide

  • Written representation – this is where we will write to the authorities on your behalf to try to dissuade the police in bringing your matter to court. If your case is at court, we can provide written mitigation to try to dissuade the court in imposing a discretionary ban. Please note court representation is not included.
  • Guilty Plea – in circumstances where there is no defence available to our clients, we will advise them to plead guilty. We will consider the exceptional hardship rules and prepare their case to a very high standard to try to get the best possible outcome.
  • Not guilty plea – we will prepare your case for trial. We will make detailed representations to the CPS where appropriate to try to get them to withdraw the proceedings without the need for a trial. We will provide you with a motoring offences specialist (Barrister) to attend court with you.


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