How much will legal representation cost?

Please note that all prices listed below will be exclusive of VAT, and these estimates do not include additional disbursements such as barristers or experts’ fees.

Each case is different and has its own unique facts. Once we have established the facts of your case, we can give an indication of any additional costs that may incur so that you are aware of the costs at the outset.

Our Services and costs

Written Representation

  • Written representation may be appropriate is minor driving offences such as speeding, careless driving and driving without insurance.
  • We can write letters of mitigation on your behalf to try to persuade the court to give you a lesser/lenient penalty. This usually will avoid the need for a full court hearing.
  • For written representation on your case, defence costs are £350 plus VAT.


Guilty Plea

A guilty plea will mean that you are required to attend court. Our service will enable us to represent you at your hearing and to assist you with any necessary advice and assistance required, post hearing.

A well-presented guilty plea can mean the difference in obtaining penalty points rather than receiving a disqualification.

  • Representation costs are £500 plus VAT


Not Guilty Plea

A not guilty plea will mean that you are required to attend court at least on one occasion. The case will go to trial. We would usually instruct specialist, motoring Barristers to represent you at trial.

We would estimate the fees in a not guilty case to be £750 – £1000 plus VAT if the trial is listed for one day. If the trial requires expert evidence or is listed for more than a day then the costs would be over £2500 plus vat.