In order to provide all our clients with the upmost transparency, we have listed

a non-exhaustive list of additional charges and disbursements which may arise during your case:

Additional Charges (where applicable) Fee*
Lender Representation Fee (Sale) £150 + VAT (at 20%)
Lender Representation Fee (Purchase) £150 + VAT (at 20%)
SDLT Return Preparation Fee £110 + VAT (at 20%
Telegraphic Transfer Charge (each) £35 + VAT (at 20%)
Indemnity Insurance Arrangement Fee (per Risk) £60 + VAT (at 20%)
Deed of Covenant Arrangement Fee £150 + VAT (at 20%)
Help to Buy Administration Fee £50 + VAT (at 20%)
Right to Buy Administration Fee £360 + VAT (at 20%)
Disbursements (where applicable) Cost**
Land Registry Document Fees (no VAT) £6 to £30
Bankruptcy Search (per name) (no VAT) £2
Land Registry Priority Search Fee (per title) (no VAT) £3
Land Registry Registration Fees (no VAT) £20 to £1,105
Property Searches £95 to £300 (inc. VAT at 20%)
Leasehold Management Pack £50 to £500 (inc. VAT at 20%)
Notice of Assignment/Charge (per notice) £30 to £300 (inc. VAT at 20%)
Deed of Covenant Preparation Fee £100 +VAT (at 20%)
Stamp Duty Land Tax Variable


No VAT- This simply means there is no VAT charge on that particular disbursement

Inc. VAT- To make it easier for you to calculate an estimate, we have included the VAT within the disbursement costs.

The figures listed in the table above have been projected within a minimum and maximum bracket as each Property transaction is unique and requires a variation of disbursements. On contacting us, we will be able to provide you a detailed and transparent quote of all the costs involved.